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We currently only deliver to customer in the U.S, but GetMoreTank is registered and approved for use around the globe and we will soon provide international shipping. Sign up for our email updates to be notified when GetMoreTank is available in your country!

Do you provide International delivery?

View our returns and refunds policy here>

How do I return an item?

View our returns and refunds policy here>

What is your returns policy?

As soon the shipping label is created and scanned into the system at our warehouse, you will receive an email with your tracking number. Sign up for an account to log in and track your order at any time, or track with your Shop app.

How do I track my order?

The tracking link you receive by email when your shipping label is created will take you directly to the courier's website, where you may track your package, or file a claim for any lost, stolen, or damaged parcels. Get More Tank is not responsible for any damage to or loss of package by the carriers and will not be able to return or replace your order.

How can I contact your couriers?

We ship through USPS, UPS, and Fedex. Choose your desired shiping speed at checkout, variable rates will apply.

What are your delivery options?

GetMoreTank is a concentrated fuel catalyst, improving the way the fuel burns in
your vehicle’s engine, resulting in better fuel economy, more power, reduced emissions,
and cleaner internal parts of your engine.

What does Get More Tank Do?

The GetMoreTank formula has been used and tested by industrial users and by
hundreds of thousands of consumers with great results. Read reviews>

Does Get More Tank Really Work?

The Get More Tank formula is chemically differently than other fuel additives typically sold at
automotive stores. Get More Tank is a highly concentrated fuel catalyst that actually changes the way the fuel is burned – whereas typical fuel additives only help keep the engine clean of deposits, and often take up 8-12 ounces per tankful.

What makes Get More Tank different from other fuel additives?

When the tablet is dissolved it disperses throughout the fuel, altering the burnability and quality of the fuel for a more complete burn in the combustion chamber in a process similar to oxygenation. More efficient combustion creates additional energy while lowering emissions. How it works>

How does the Get More Tank formula work?

Yes, it can be used with any grade of gasoline (petrol) or diesel.

Does Get More Tank work with all fuel grades and diesel?

On an average through testing and customer use, a typical increase of anywhere between 5% to 18% has been noticed. It varies greatly by the age of the vehicle, quality of fuel, and type of
driving. Read reviews>

How much will my fuel economy improve?

Each tablet treats approximately 15 gallons. For a much larger tank you can use 2 Fuel Tabs.
We recommend using two tablets on your first tank for best results. Use at every fill-

How much GetMoreTank should I use?

No, using more than you need will not do any more for fuel economy, but it won’t do any
harm either.

Can you use too much Get More Tank?

We have dozens of testimonials from people whose vehicles failed to pass smog
checks, but after running a tankful or two with the product, they passed easily. There
could be many reasons that a vehicle does not pass smog test and GetMoreTank is not designed to address all of them, but it is an inexpensive option that has worked for some people. Check out some reviews here>

Can Get More Tank help my vehicle pass a smog check?

Get More Tank is proudly owned and operated in the U.S.A and manufactured in California!

Where is Get More Tank Made?

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